Women's March, DC

The week of the election was rough. For more reasons than just the election. I’m typically an optimist, my world is full of adventures and people madly in love and fluffy cats. I don’t have dark days, but that week, that week was dark. They announced the Women’s March on Washington and by November 15th the AirBnb for DC was booked and spirits were lifted. 

It was Vlad’s first time in DC, it was also the first time he voted in an American election. He was born in Kiev, Ukraine and came to the US in the mid-nineties during the fall of the Soviet Union with his Russian mother and grandmother. He and his family were refugees. So this meant a lot to him. Him, and others who have felt oppressed because of their race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

There has been a lot of debate on social media over the last few days on whether or not this march was an effective form of activism. If protesting with signs and something like 4.8 million others is going to make a difference. Vlad’s in the kitchen doing the dishes still chanting and the entire internet is talking about it. Hundreds of thousands of marchers woke up this morning fired up for change. They signed up to volunteer, shared stories of their experience with their friends and family, and maybe smiled really big at a stranger today. And that is just the least of it. So yeah. I think it made a difference. 

I am not sure I can explain what it feels like to be standing in a sea of humans wearing pink pussy hats shouting messages of love and determination so I am hoping that these images can do it justice. Keep fighting my friends. 

Meghan Kindsvater3 Comments