Savannah, Month TWO

I can’t believe that two months have already flown by. Looking back on this month it feels like we didn’t really do a whole lot. Which I suppose is the goal. We did a bit of traveling, visiting Atlanta for Vlad’s birthday, backpacking the Panther Creek Trails, joining the Women’s March on Washington in DC. (DC has it’s very own blog post, so if you haven’t checked that out, you can do so at www.sdfasfasd)

There was a lot of relaxing in between the trips. Many lazy days of reading and yoga and attempting to cook. Long phone calls with my mom and best friends. Running loops around the island, bike rides to the post office, Netflix binging. Even grocery shopping has made a day eventful. We were invited to photograph our AirBnb host’s beach wedding. It was the coldest day in Savannah that we have experienced yet, but was also our first southern country boil. Vlad tried an oyster, I politely declined. 

Soon life will pick back up to normal busy schedules so I am really trying to embrace the boredom and allow my mind and body to recharge. It is hard, it makes the days feel less purposeful, but I know that in a couple of weeks I will be wishing for these slow sunny days. While there are still a lot of travels to be had before returning to Michigan for the summer, these travels will be centered more around work than play. 

Vlad has obligations back in Michigan for a couple of weeks in February so I will be roaming solo for a bit which I am actually dreading. Even though I spent much of the van trip last year by myself the anxiety is always present. I will leave the little beach cottage in just 2 short weeks to make my way down to the Keys for a wedding and then we head west to finally backpack the Grand Canyon (Vlad’s only goal since we left there last March). 

Even though I will miss this time in Savannah I am looking forward to creating in more new places. Continuously thankful for these opportunities, for our freedoms and adventurous hearts. 

Meghan KindsvaterComment