Savannah, Month ONE

It has been a whole month that we have been living in Savannah, Georgia. A lot of people ask why we chose to come down here, and there isn’t a great explanation other than we just like it. Savannah was one of the first road trips that Vlad and I had taken together two years ago. We had only been dating a couple of months. I was sitting on his couch scrolling through Instagram when an image of a tree covered magical road came up. That road was the entrance to the famous Wormsloe Plantation. I handed the phone to Vlad and said “Ooooo I wanna go there.” He said “Okay let’s go.” And two days later I was asleep in the passenger seat of his truck halfway to Georgia. 

Since then I have returned to Savannah a handful of times and the city always seems to greet me with the same romantic energy. After the van trip ended last spring we began discussing what our travel plans were going to be for the following winter. Staying in a new place appealed to us both, and we knew we wanted to be in warmer weather. I put an advertisement up on a wedding website for Savannah and within two weeks had six weddings booked. I texted Vlad, “Well, looks like we are moving to Savannah!” 

While we still have to bounce around a bit for work (back to Michigan, down to Key West, out to New Mexico + Arizona, NYC, and then again to Savannah), we are calling this place home for a solid three months. We were able to find a reasonable AirBnB about 20 minutes outside of the city on Tybee Island. So essentially we are living in a beach cottage just steps from the Atlantic Ocean. At night when I am sitting on the back porch I can listen to the waves crashing up on the shore, and on the days over 58 degrees (we are snowbirds now, our blood isn’t used to the cold) we walk for hours and ride bikes and kayak through the salt marshes. 

When we first arrived I felt a little lost and confused as to what I was supposed to be accomplishing. I think most wedding photographers go through this at the end of their season. We are so excited to get that last image edited and delivered but once we click send there is a brief wave of panic realizing we have to find something else to do now. It took me a couple of weeks to adjust. To get into the groove of cooking and yoga and reading countless books. Making new friends and getting the other side of business taken care of. Like taxes (ugh) and did you guys see the new brand launch! The holidays were tough, it was my first time ever being away from family, but I think it was necessary. Your heart softens in loneliness and you have the opportunity to fully appreciate all that you have been blessed with. 

Even though I am really excited to be down here, and really really enjoying this beautiful weather, I am feeling that longing to be home and realizing that Detroit is truly one of the best spots to be. Thankfully this work allows me to travel to new landscapes often, but the more time I spend away from home, the more I am starting to feel that I am ready to…whats the word? Settle. (Hear that parents!)

Here is a collection of small adventures we have had over the past month. And what is pretty cool is that these are a combination of mine and Vlad’s images. (This is the first time I am including his pictures in any post, but he is really digging it and I think that is awesome). This next month we will be doing some backpacking, visiting Atlanta, and making a weekend trip to DC for inauguration day. 

While sometimes the days feel long and unproductive, I am truly trying to take advantage of this slow time and just relax. I hope everyone is enjoying the cold back home, and that these images bring y’all a bit of sunshine. Miss everyone, and can’t wait to get back.