Terry + Holly, Rocky Mountains

When Holly contacted me this summer about photographing her elopement in Rocky Mountain National Park I initially thought it was a scam. Even after speaking to her over the phone I still wasn’t sure if her and Terry were real people. It was just too good to be true. They were a REALLY cool couple, that wanted to have their wedding day all to themselves in one of the most beautiful places in the country. It wasn’t until a deposit was sent over that I actually accepted this was actually happening. 

The very best part of elopements is that the couple gets to spend the entire day just hanging out and enjoying each other and the environment that they choose to be in. We started the day and their insane Airbnb in Boulder, Colorado. They had breakfast together, read the newspaper, and then helped one another get ready for the festivities. From there we drove into Rocky Mountain National Park to hike out to Dream Lake. As we were searching for the perfect location for them to exchange their vows the sun was slowly dipping behind the mountains. We found a private field at about 9,000 ft up with breathtaking views where Terry + Holly stood and committed their lives together. Myself, the videographer, and the Caribou as the only witnesses. 

Post hike, we ventured into a candy shop in downtown Estes Park. Next door to the candy store was an outdoor empty bar playing live music. The band was starting to pack up for the evening, but we told them that Terry + Holly had just eloped on top of the mountains, so they were kind enough to stick around for one more song, where the newlyweds could share their first dance. 

It was a dream come true, a perfect wedding day, with an amazing pair. Thank you Terry + Holly for thinking I was cool enough to be apart of it.