The MOST Joy, 2017

This is always an interesting post to develop. On one end, it’s difficult as an artist to pour over the last year’s work and determine what I think is the best of what I have created. But on the other end, once I start digging into the galleries and reliving the time shared with couples, its difficult to narrow it all down.

It has been such a wild and busy year, that to include all of my favorite shots makes for a very, very long blog post. So for 2017, I have decided that instead of posting “the best,” I want to organize images based on a theme that resonates deepest with me as a wedding photographer. JOY. Pure gapping mouth smile, tear stained cheeks, belly laughing, JOY. 

As much as I wanted to showcase all the beautiful places I was fortunate enough to visit, I had to remind myself that my job isn’t to take pictures of people on top of mountains. Because lets be honest, that is not what makes me unique or different from the hundreds (thousands) of other traveling photographers on the planet. What I feel my greatest responsibility is as a wedding photographer is to preserve all of the emotion and expression of love. These may not be the best I have ever taken, but they are certainly the most meaningful.

While I hope to continue to follow couples all across the country and beyond, what I still want to leave them with are galleries heavy with connection. Moments that they can revisit for decades to follow. There is truth in Joy. Thank you to each and every person who invited me in to their most precious days. Much love and cheers to 2018.