The Most Awesome of 2014

Thinking about putting together this post absolutely overwhelms me. Overwhelming like "holy shit this was the most incredible year ever." When I first picked up a camera two years ago I had utterly no idea that it would turn into this. This crazy excited obsession that inspires me every single day. I feel so blessed for all of the opportunities that have presented themselves over the past twelve months. So thankful for every single person that believed in me enough to hire me to document the most important day of their lives. 

I still have so much to learn, so many areas to seek growth, but looking back over this year I feel very proud of how MeliaBelle has evolved, and how I have developed as an artist. There is not a single day that passes that my mind is not totally blown. Every inquiry, all of the kind words, getting used to having to tell people that I am actually a photographer (it still feels weird and not real). 

I cannot begin to express my gratitude. I am sending the biggest hugs and high fives to every person that has guided me over the last year, every person that has encouraged me, every person that has gone out of their way to tell me that they love my work, and every single person that got in front of the camera for me. You all rock times one million. I could have never imagined how head over heels in love I would fall with taking pictures, or how amazing the friendships created would be. 

2014 was ridiculously awesome. 2015 will be out of this world. Thank you for being apart of the journey. 

Much love, forever and always, Meghan. 

Meghan KindsvaterComment