Issa & Jaime

Issa & Jaime are my first same sex couple. I had been ridiculously excited for their wedding celebration for weeks prior, and rightfully so. Their special day was probably one of the most inspirational weddings that I have been a part of to date.

Issa & Jaime are from Michigan, but currently reside in Alaska. In order to make their marriage legal, they had a ceremony in Seattle. On August 16th, 2014 they invited their friends and family from all over the country to celebrate this awesome union. The theme of the day was pride, equal love, and rainbow galore. There was no shortage on love and acceptance and A LOT of fun. Issa thanked her guests for attending and more importantly reminded us all that when her and Jaime took a chance on each other 7 years ago that their marriage was not a possibility. But because of everyone's love, support and votes they were standing there on that day, Wife & Wife. 

Meghan KindsvaterComment