Paul & Kayliegh

Paul and Kayliegh were one of the first ten couples to ever book with me. I remember walking into their consultation absolutely terrified. This was when it got REAL. I wasn't just photographing for friends and family anymore, I had utterly no idea who these people were. I remember literally doing a half awkward jumping jack when I received the call that they were ready to book. Over the last year and a half Kayliegh and I corresponded probably too regularly about either serious business stuff or ridiculous examples of what we were NOT going to create on her wedding day. It went from utterly not knowing these people, to feeling a sense of emptiness after it was all over. Before I left the wedding I said to them, "We need a new project, it can't end like this."

That ending is just the beginning for this beautiful couple and their life together. While the wedding was an absolute blast, I know that they will continue to create amazing memories together. The best part about their wedding day was that it rained. And by rain, I mean monsooned. When you work with people like Paul and Kayliegh you simply run through the rain and drench your wedding dress. Walk down the isle barefoot? Why not. Plans may have shifted a bit for their outdoor wedding at the Rattlesnake Club in Detroit, MI, but this day was still perfect.