Will + Simone

I had been looking forward to Will + Simone’s wedding day for some time. Partly because I would get to visit Mackinac Island, and mostly because they were just such an awesome couple. One of the first things Simone said to me when I asked her about her relationship with Will was “Our weirds match.” And they totally 100% did. These guys were amazingly beautiful and quirky and fit each other so perfectly. 

Will + Simone reside in Portland, Oregon, but due to some very strong family ties back in Michigan they held their celebration at Mission Pointe on Mackinac Island. Will is a brewer, and actually brewed all of the beer that was served to guests. Friends and family traveled from all over the states, and even all the way from Paris to join in this ridiculously fun affair. 

I always have my eyes on a couple throughout the wedding day and I often observed Simone taking it all in. She would take deep breathes and look all around her, sometimes her hand on her chest. Absorbing all of the love and energy that surrounded them both. The rain caused the outdoor ceremony to be moved inside, but I am not sure anyone noticed, a light continued to radiate around a cappella performances and individually written vows.

Towards the end of the evening the rain subsided and we raced back outside for a few more portraits. I hesitantly pointed to a field quite a distance away asking if we could trudge out there. Simone and Will both shrugged their shoulders and replied “Let’s go!” Only to take off at a full howling sprint across the lawn. HEART EXPLODING. 

Congratulations Will + Simone, it was such an honor to be a part of this day. I will never forget your wild spirits and beautiful love for one another.