Adam + Estee

When Adam + Estee first got in contact with me I wasn’t sure that I was going to be the best fit for their wedding. I did not have any experience with Othordox Jewish weddings, and already had two weddings booked the weekend they plan to get married. Thankfully they were persistent about working together, and their family took the time to teach me about the traditions and the process of the day. 

This was by far one of the most powerful and emotional unions that I have had the opportunity to witness. Much of the dialogue is in hebrew, which I understood none of, but the passion and energy from those that surrounded Adam + Estee was more than enough to cue me into what was happening. As an outsider I was observing a celebration, filled with dancing and singing. But when I looked closer there were tears streaming down the faces of friends, sisters. Instantly I was made aware of a deeper meaning. 

I cannot look through these images without my throat tightening and eyes growing damp. And I have to look at them a lot. To edit, to deliver, to sort through for a blog. I am a mess. I have also never delivered so many out of focus images to a client intentionally. But I found that they were some of my favorite pictures because they captured the beautiful chaos of constant movement. Of the sea of people crowding around the newlywed couple in congratulations. Of the jumping and the shouting, the non stop dancing.

The bond that Adam + Estee shared not only with each other, but with their families was incredible. I cannot believe that I doubted my ability of being a part of this day for even one second. It is a wedding that I will never ever forget. Congratulations Adam + Estee, thank you for your trust and confidence and sharing these beautiful moments with me.