Jon + Sam

Jonathon + Samantha met and currently live in San Francisco, California. Being that the majority of their guests would be traveling from the bay area, they wanted to select a venue that would really wow their guests and represent all that Detroit stands for. The Detroit institute of Arts was the perfect location, especially since their April wedding day called for rain. I am not sure one person even noticed the weather, because we were all so enthralled with the interior space. 

Every last detail of this wedding day was a perfect reflection of this couple and their values. Jonathon wore the same tie that his Grandfather wore on his wedding day, and Samantha walked down the isle spritzed in her mother's perfume. The tables were assigned by the bride and groom's favorite movie quotes, and excerpts from Star Wars and The Princess Bride were read during the reception. Even their Art Deco Cake fit in amongst the galleries, each layer specially designed. 

One of my favorite parts about Jonathon + Samantha's wedding day was how hard he would make her laugh. Even while crying, they would be laughing. This day was full of beautiful architecture, art work, a gorgeous couple, humor, and so much love. Congratulations to you both and thank you for letting me join in on such an awesome day.