Sloane, Newborn at Home

Sloane is my very first wedding baby. Which means I photographed the wedding, and now I get to photograph the baby. It was pretty wild to take a step back and recognize the evolution of my relationship with Paul + Kayliegh. Walking past their dining room last week and thinking back to the first time I met with them both over two years ago. Sitting at that dining room table I was insanely nervous, they were my first “BIG” wedding. I had no idea who these people were, they were not friends or family, they were like REAL clients.  I remember Kayliegh sharing that they wanted a photographer that would be with them for life, someone to capture all of their important moments. 

Well, turns out she wasn’t kidding. Since meeting this couple I have been involved in all of their life changes. The pictures we have created show how we have both evolved. Their relationship, their marriage, and now their roles as parents correlate with the growth of my business and improvement of my creativity and skills. 

I am incredibly thankful and excited for this little family. Paul + Kayliegh are without a doubt, awesome parents and clearly they make the sweetest and most precious babies.  I feel blessed that these strangers have become friends and that I will continue to be a witness to these very special days.