Brad & Chelsea

It had been nearly two decades since I had seen or spoken to Brad, (we went to elementary school together) when I received the email that he and his lovely bride Chelsea were planning a wedding at V3 Ranch in Breckenridge, CO. Their original photographer had an emergency and was unable to attend and their wedding was.....that weekend. It just so happened that out of the three available weekends I have this season, that was one of them. The next day myself and second shooter Wendy hopped in my car and headed out to the mountains. 

Opportunities like this do not happen often, of course I want to shoot a wedding, for an old friend, in the MOUNTAINS. Even though the plan was spontaneous, working with Brad & Chelsea and their friends and families will be one of my favorite memories of the summer. This wedding very much reflects this couple, breathtaking and personable, both very kind individuals with big hearts, laid back-carefree attitudes and one very adorable puppy. I can see why it is so easy to leave a piece of your heart behind in Colorado. Between all of the love and the landscapes the start of Brad & Chelsea's life together was a very inspiring experience. 

Now and always, Totally in Love with LOVE.