After spending ten days in Alaska, we were ready to head back down to Prince George to reunite with our van and rid of this blasted mini-van. Despite consistent daylight, mosquito swarms invading our sleep, and trying to pee in a porta potty while in the fetal position, we really did find a reason to laugh, and laugh HARD, every single day. 

Getting back to our van felt like Christmas times one thousand. I remember looking back while we were driving and just feeling so much gratitude that all of this space came equipped with everything we could ever need and that we had made it. Thankful for Corbin and his ability to create such high quality amenities, thankful for my job and the freedom and flexibility that comes with it, and thankful for all of the dirtbags that have been living out of vans and station wagons for years, paving the way to this life and these adventures.

However the thrill and pure bliss was short lived. Two hundred miles after leaving Prince George, we spent a few nights in Jasper National Park in literally the most perfect free and hidden campsite there ever was. We pulled the van in down some two tracks and up near a glacier creek. We ran naked into the freezing shallow water and back to the campsite with out any regard for indecency because there was not another human for miles. It took quite a bit of convincing to drag me out of there, but thankfully we left when we did, because about half a mile from our little mountain paradise, the transmission that we just had rebuilt, failed. 

We were towed into Banff, which in all honestly is truly one of the best places to ever be stranded, where we spent eight days waiting on a new transmission to be delivered and installed. Even through some shit, the universe still has such a beautiful way of taking care of us. All of the repairs were covered by the first mechanic and we ended up with a brand new transmission and an incredible warranty. 

While in Banff we celebrated Corbin’s birthday, hiked a few mountains, floated down the crystal blue river, spent time getting to know a few locals, and visited all of the tourist shops, bars, and art exhibits. We made it home three days before needing to shoot a Michigan wedding, and despite all of the stress and anxiety of travel mishaps, we had an incredible adventure. 

Recently I read a quote that stated, “If you are going through an experience, it’s because you need the lesson.” Here are a few lessons and takeaways I took from this trip:

  1. As long as I have the people that I love and my health and an open road, there is absolutely nothing that can bring me down. 

  2. Be flexible and trust the process. You are never trapped, there is always a way out, always a way home, and everything will happen exactly the way that it is supposed to. 

  3. Corbin is my rock. These little bumps have proven to me how strong our bond really is and how much weight it will take to ever break us. Between his positivity and my abundant gratitude, we’ve got a lot of full glasses to pass around. 

  4. There are so many good people everywhere. The kindness I am constantly shown in all of these places I visit is evidence of that. 

  5. I’m not tired yet, and we are going to keep this train rolling, regardless of obstacles to be faced. 

Until next time. Much love.