The final Falcon trip. Well, not necessarily final for the Falcon, or for myself, but its our last journey together. This van means a lot to me, but I am going to save that story for a later post. 

I had to stick around Michigan a bit later this winter due to the wedding schedule, which was awesome, but cold. It felt good to get back on the road, a bit redundant, but this trip had new and important intentions, and as always, a method of overcoming fears or anxieties to prove to myself that I can do whatever I want. 

The Redwoods have always been a pretty significant place for me. During the first long road trip, I actually visited the Redwoods twice because I was so overcome by them. It was the one spot during that entire journey that completely exceeded my expectations and left me in awe. And still now, after spending a month out here, I feel that same sense of being so small, yet so empowered. 

One intention of this trip is to share adventures with several people that I care a lot about. Giving other’s a bit of van life to put into their pockets and hopefully memories and images to last a lifetime. To begin, I picked up a friend and colleague in Dallas to ride up to Klamath with me. Along the way we made pitstops in Joshua Tree, Pismo Beach, Big Sur, and Redwoods National Park. This week I will pick up my seventeen year old sister from the airport in San Francisco to drive back cross country to Miami with me. And Corbin is squeezing in several weekend visits in between. 

I have been staying in Klamath, California for almost a full month. I went onto Airbnb and sent out emails to any listings that looked like they had property asking if they would rent out a parking spot. Allyson responded back immediately inviting me to park in her barn. She is right on highway 101 and her property backs up to national forest that I've been fortunate to hike almost everyday. Her and her dog Kinyasa have made me feel like family. I am consistently blown away by the kindness I am shown while on the road, and am already feeling emotional about leaving them both. 

Its been a year since I’ve last posted a travel blog, and to be honest, I’m pretty fucking excited that I still get to do so. 

Shot on Fuji XT-1, 23mm 1.4.