I had a few weeks of downtime in between weddings and started planning a quick solo trip out to the east coast. I told my mom I was going to go out to Maine and she sighed and said “I’ve always wanted to go to Maine.” Which I replied with “Come with me.” 

The conversation changed directions and the thought passed and I continued preparing for the trip alone. A few days later I received a text message from my mother saying “I got the days off.” I stared at my phone in disbelief. My mom is not one for big vacations, she works hard, and doesn’t like to miss out on that overtime. When I finally did respond I think I said “Holy Shit. You actually took the time off.”

My Mom and I have a bit of a reputation for disagreeing..sometimes. When our family found out that we were going to be taking a road trip together their eyes grew wide and the responses included: “Call us when she leaves you on the side of the road and we need to pick you up.” I was even receiving emails the morning we left from Aunts about prayers for patience and knowing when to bite my tongue. But here is the thing. Once we hit the Michigan/Ohio border, there was peace between us. Other than the occasional brief and innocent bicker, there was no arguing, no silent treatments. For eight straight days, We had FUN.  

I look through these images with tears in my eyes. Because I know these moments are limited. I know that this trip was special, that opportunities like this won’t come often. That these memories and photographs will be a story we will tell for many years, and proof during dark days that we do in fact, love each other very much. 

Dear Mom, 

Thank you for adventuring with me.