This was a beautiful week. There are so many parts of the country that I feel like I was so naive to. I knew it existed, I had seen pictures and read articles about all of the best spots to visit, but the feeling is so entirely different when you are standing on top of a cliff overlooking the pacific ocean, waves crashing onto the rocks. Green hills that look like they roll on for eternity. The combination of the wind rushing through your hair, the taste of salty air, mild car sickness, and pure awe. That is how this week feels to look back on. 

I still cannot get over how thankful I feel to be here. With most situations, too much of anything can not always be the best thing. Living in a van, is crazy amazing, but it also wears on you. I actually let out a very loud manly groan/cry earlier this week when I became frustrated with closet space. I had to take a deep breath and swallow the urge to throw something. Because even though living in sixty square feet with another human has its not so perfect moments, this is absolutely a perfect adventure. And I refuse to take it for granted and not enjoy every single second. 

Vlad and I spend a lot of time together when he is here. Like literally ALL the time. We were out to dinner a few nights ago in Santa Monica and it was really quiet. I felt myself panicking, “Why aren’t we talking?” “Are we a boring couple without anything in common anymore?” “Why can’t I think of a topic to break this silence.” “Good God, this sushi is delicious, I need more spicy mayo.” “But really, why do we have nothing to talk about?” 

Maybe, just maybe, it’s because we are together 24 hours a day while on the road. I confided in a friend who assured me that the fact that we do not have our hands around each other’s throats, or that I haven’t left him on the side of the road as of yet is more than a good sign. When I am home I am working, A LOT, so I don’t get to spend a lot of time with friends or family, so when I am with these special people I do my best to be present and completely engaged. It is an adjustment to “just be” as Vlad explained it to me. To just be in each other’s space and feel comfortable and content. 

I crossed several sights off of the bucket list this week and these views are by far some of the most breathtaking the journey has provided. It was truly surreal to stand in places I wasn’t sure I would ever experience first hand. The shock value has almost wore off a bit, I do not appreciate any of these days less than the others, but when I am surrounded by greatness over and over again, I have almost become accustomed to it. Like wow, this is insanely gorgeous, but so was yesterday and tomorrow will be too. 

There are around three weeks left before I need to get back home to business and the rush is setting in. We are planning to hit up several more cities and jam pack all of the adventure in while we can. I miss my bed and I miss my cat, but I am going to be soaking in as much as I can, while I can. Portland, Seattle and Vancouver up next, I will sleep next month. Hopefully. 

Meghan KindsvaterComment