How can it only be one week of this four month long journey. I already feel like I’ve gained so much, felt so much and slept so little. If I keep up on weekly posts there will be 16 of them. And that feels like a lot of adventure. A lot of awesome adventure. 

Living in the van has its challenges, but I am learning as I go. Like how to keep food cold when not plugged into a power source, or filling the very slow leaking tire daily. I figure, if our ancestors survived in wagons driving cross country, I can handle a 1990 camper van that smells nice and has battery operated twinkle lights. (You know, for the ambiance.) 

In the first week alone Ihave traveled to Lexington, KY; Asheville, NC; Columbia, SC; Charleston, SC; Savannah, GA and lastly landed in Sarasota, FL. Maybe that is why I am so sleepy. When I planned to take this trip I knew that I was seeking something. Adventure, independence, relaxation, experiences, etc. However, two things I have found that I wasn’t expecting were God and babies. Not that I haven’t always known God, but a definite sense of closeness and comfort has been found on the road. And thankfully several of my hosts have had the most precious babies for me to snuggle upon to cure any loneliness. 

When I am not staying with friends, I have been parking at Pilot Gas Stations exclusively. I have grown a sort of affection for the trucker stops. They have their very own app where I can plan out my stay based on my destination. And their showers are actually crazy nice. AND, they even host truck trailer church on Sundays. 

I have also of course grown a huge affection for my van, I am actually finding that I personify the van in almost every situation. Like I feel pride when it climbs the top of the mountain, or guilty currently for parking it so far from where I am staying. The van and I, we are pals. This is as much it’s story as it is mine, and I couldn’t make this journey what it is without the feeling of safety or comfort that it provides. I was especially excited to take the van to my favorite place in Savannah, Wormsloe Plantation. 

Here are a few photographs of the last seven days. Looking forward to the next few weeks in warm, sunny Florida with some of my most favorite people. And maybe getting some sleep, maybe.