So. I'm going to live in a van. Sometimes down by a river, sometimes not. This is my first year as a full time photographer, and instead of freezing my bottom off in Michigan during a slow winter, I decided to set out on a big long awesome adventure. 

I have actually been in the market for a camper van (vamper) for a few years with the goal always being a cross country road trip. However, I did not know that I would ever be able to take it to this level or length of time. At the beginning of the summer I was driving down the road on my way to shoot a wedding in Kalamazoo. The van was driving right next to me with a for sale sign stamped on the back. I sped up and slowed down enough to get the drivers attention and waved him to pull over. I picked it up the next day. 

Being that the vamper is 25 years old it was just a little bit….outdated. And covered in teal. EVERYTHING was teal. It needed to look and feel like me, like my home. Thankfully my parents are incredibly talented and supportive individuals and they helped me turn the vision into a reality. One of my favorite parts of this renovation project was having the excuse to hang out with them, despite how frustrated we may have been overcoming the challenges of gutting an old RV (water damage, rotted wood, dead batteries, flat tires, and fugging glue EVERYWHERE). 

Here is a look at all of our hard work, completed just in time for take off. I am so excited to call this 80sqft home for the next four months. I cannot wait to explore and photograph all of the most beautiful spots in America. Adventure awaits. 

PS. I will be available for bookings and am offering special rates while on the road. To schedule a session/elopement/wedding please head over to the contact page or shoot me an email at Schedule listed at the end of this post!

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