Izak + Sarah, Chicago

Izak + Sarah contacted me to photograph their Chicago wedding just a few months back. They wanted a small and intimate ceremony in a city that they loved and traveled to often. 

One of Izak + Sarah’s first dates was at a small bar in Howell, Michigan. They began to frequent that bar and befriended the beloved bartender, Manny. Mondays were actually named, “Manny’s Monday’s” and Izak + Sarah would join in for the event each and every week. They told me this story when we first chatted, and also shared that their officiant would be Manny himself! 

These guys were truly one of the most excited couples I have had the opportunity to work with. They wore the biggest contagious smiles. After the ceremony we watched the sunset over the city next to Lake Michigan and the city lights illuminate the sky. Thank you for bringing me to Chicago, Congratulations!