Jake + Lauren

I had been looking forward to Jake + Lauren’s wedding day for months. I knew that it was going to be cool, but honestly, not this cool. These guys genuinely just wanted their guests to have fun. Tents and RV’s sprawled across the front lawn of Lauren’s Aunt’s northern Michigan home, where both the ceremony and reception would take place. The bar was open all day, and their was no shortage of vibrant and unique details. 

After the ceremony, as I pulled Jake + Lauren aside for couple portraits in the trees, Jake holds his hand out to me showing off his wedding ring. He said, “Do you like my ring?” I replied, “Ya, its awesome, what do you think?” He then held it out in front of his own face, admiring the new addition and says, “I love it. I can’t wait to show everyone.” That excitement poured into every aspect of this day. Jake + Lauren share such a beautiful connection and this celebration was a perfect reflection of them both and the love that they share. 

Congratulations you guys, thank you for such an amazing day.