I have been reading other photographer’s end of the year posts over the last few weeks thinking “Gosh, artists are dramatic.” Then karma slapped me in the face while the tears ran down my cheeks as I rummaged through the thousands of images from 2016 in total awe of how very blessed I am. How many stories I have had the opportunity to tell, and how many decades will pass with these photographs hanging on walls to continue to act as confirmation of love and commitment. That when a marriage faces challenges, or a loved one is lost, or a parent reminisces of the years passing too quickly, that these pictures are what will hold the memories. 

This is the second year that my business has been full time and to see the growth over the last twelve months is incredibly encouraging. While some of these images I would not consider my best work, I definitely consider them my favorite moments. And that has been the biggest lesson this season has taught me. While I continue to strive for excellence, over and over again I find that I am drawn to the pictures that show the most love, the most emotion, and the most connection. That the lighting can be less than ideal and composition questionable, but its the expression that hits my gut the hardest. As I enter a new year and a new season I hope to use all that I have learned and experienced as a building block that I can continue to improve upon. 

Thank you to each and every couple and family that has trusted me to play such an important role in these very special days. For allowing me to step into the most intimate moments of your lives leaving me overly fulfilled and on fire for this hobby turned career turned lifestyle. I am forever grateful for each of you and love that we continue to remain connected. 

Happy New Year, so much love for you all, and so excited for continued growth and new love stories in 2017. 

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