Cierra + Erica

Cierra + Erica share one of the most beautiful love stories I have had the honor of being a part of. When Cierra and I first sat down to discuss the possibility of working together I knew that these ladies would leave an large impact on my heart. When Cierra + Erica first started dating, getting married wasn’t an option. They didn’t have that choice, so it wasn’t something that had been thoroughly discussed. When the equal marriage laws did pass, Erica began to prepare a proposal. For one thousand days EVERY single day, Erica would send Cierra notes beginning with “I Love You Because…” One thousand love letters, that she then incorporated into her proposal. She had family and friends come to their home to read these letters to Cierra, even those from out of state read their part over Skype. 

These women have a love that will move mountains. A bond and a friendship stronger than I have ever witnessed. They truly adore each other and have continuously supported one another through school and careers and hardships. Their wedding day was living proof of that love and how it had inspired all of those in attendance. One of my many favorite parts of their wedding day was that they wrote personalized notes to each and every guest at their reception. After dinner everyone opened their special letters and read about how they had individually touched the brides’ lives. 

Cierra + Erica’s wedding day was in a complete 1920’s theme. Even the vendors had dressed the part. After getting ready and an emotional first look at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center in Downtown Detroit, we made our way up to New Center for some artsy fun and then finally to Cliff Bells, the well known historic jazz club for the ceremony and reception. 

I am excited to finally be able to share the images from this wedding, and grateful that these women have and will remain my friends. I look forward to watching their love and family grow and be present for more beautiful moments. Congratulations Cierra + Erica, so thankful that you choose to celebrate these days with me.