Connor + Leeann

Connor + Leeann completely understood my concept of becoming “friends” with my clients. A photographer/couple relationship is an important one, I hang out for some of the most intimate moments of your life, and because of that I want us to be comfortable in each other’s space. These guys were always awesome about my required face to face meetings and were sure to get a hold of me when they were visiting Michigan to get together in person. 

Being that the couple and a lot of their family + friends resided on the east coast, they wanted to show off the city of Detroit and chose some of the most beautiful venues to celebrate in. The ceremony was held at Old St. Mary’s Church right downtown, followed by a reception at the Colony Club just up the road. Everything about this day was relaxed and easy. Everyone just enjoyed being with one another and showing their love and support for this sweet couple. 

Connor + Leeann, I have a feeling that your life together is going to be much like your wedding day, beautiful and near effortless. Congratulations to you both.