Styled Bridal Session, and my favorite.

I love photographing weddings. Let me say that again, I LOVE photographing weddings. But when you photograph a wedding, you do not have the opportunity to decide what the dress looks like, or what the bride's hair looks like, or the shoes that the groom wears. I had been swirling visions for a styled shoot around in my head for several months before I found Rachel at bar in Royal Oak last January. I approached her with a few vodka/waters in my blood stream and just kept repeating "I need your face." Thankfully, she obliged to playing the role of Pretend Bride and brought along dapper Cameron to play Pretend Groom.

Baily Dehenau is a Make Up and Hair Stylist that literally READS my mind. This is our second styled shoot together and I look forward to many more. Cameron is dressed in his own attire, Rachel is wearing a dress and headpiece made by yours truly, and the flowers? Yeah, they're from Kroger. I am totally in love with each and every image. Thank you to Baily, Rachel & Cameron for making this vision a reality.