Dewey Family at Home.

Well this was a first for Jack, and a first for me. It was Jack’s very first bath, and my first time getting to witness such an occasion. I remember at one point actually thanking Katelynn (Jack’s mom) for letting me be a part of something so special. 

Katelynn + Lucas are seriously rockstars. With four children under the age of three, like real like super heroes. Watching their family grow and witnessing them be parents has been an amazing gift. We had a pretty smooth session until the very end when there was a meltdown to the third power. While Mom and Dad consoled the ladies, Jack and I got to hang out by ourselves in the other room.

Sometimes a break is good for everyone, including the photographer. It gave me a moment to reflect on how important what we doing was. We weren't just taking family pictures. Someday 30 years from now these big sisters were going to be able to look back on how sweetly they cared for their only brother. How they helped wash his hair and put on his socks. How little all of their hands were. 

This profession has been the greatest gift. We have the ability to freeze and archive the most precious moments for the rest of time. Grateful for families like the Dewey's that value what I do and continue to bring me back to make beautiful images.