Michael + Katie

When I walked into the hotel room the morning of Michael + Katie’s wedding I expected the usual. Clouds of hairspray, top 40 playing on someone’s iPod, women’s undergarments scattered across the room. However, this day was different. The room was quiet, shark tornado was playing on the television and Katie and Michael were relaxing alone together. They spent the morning walking along Detroit’s river front and grabbing breakfast. After the week these guys had, they needed some downtime and just wanted to enjoy one another. My heart was fluttering, this was different and very, very special. This was their wedding day and they wanted to spend it, ALL of it, together. 

Just a few days prior, they almost had to call everything off. Katie had her phone out at the hospital, ready to start contacting vendors. Their three year old son, Owen, was very sick with what they thought was appendicitis and they were prepping him for surgery. Michael, Katie + Owen were getting married, they were a package deal, and the show could not go on with him. Thankfully, surgery was not necessary, and everyone was able to be present on the big day. Katie + Owen’s first embrace of the day was a very emotional one, and despite a small fever, he was still all smiles. 

Michael + Katie incorporated Detroit into every aspect of their wedding day. From their guest gifts, making a pit stop at Two Jame’s Spirits, and finally reciting their vows and dancing the night away at the Ford Piquette Plant. Everything about this wedding day was my favorite, congratulations Michael, Katie + Owen.