Rademaker Family

I always get a bit more anxious than usual before family sessions. Especially with little one’s because you never know what you are going to get. Fortunately that is the beauty of shooting inside their home and making it a goal to really capture the true, raw moments. Kids will not lie. They let you see their most vulnerable selves, and in turn it makes for the most precious images.

Kyle, Shelby, Jack + Reese invited me in to witness what a day in their life looks like. We tried over and over to make the hair bow stay in Reese's hair, to put her shoes on, or to make her hold hands with her older brother, but instead we played with butterflies and had living room dance parties. 

This time is special, the days go by so quickly and day jobs and routines make it hard to embrace each important moment. I want families to look back and remember exactly how these days felt. How you were dizzy spinning in circles to Bruno Mars, kissing boo boos, and teaming up for outfit changes. Thank you to the Rademaker family for sharing these memories with me.