Christopher + Christine

Christopher + Christine recently purchased their first home together, which is where their entire engagement session took place. I always get super excited when couples and families are open to shooting at their homes. I feel that is where you can really get the true rawness and comfortableness of relationships. And it’s meaningful, I kept obsessing over this giant tree in their back yard and even let a “You GUYS your babies are going to swing on that treeeee.” slip out. But now their have several portraits of just them, a young couple in love, before opening up all of these new chapters, in front of that same tree. 

These guys are also hosting their wedding at a meaningful spot this fall, Christopher’s parent’s back yard. They are one of my only back yard weddings this year and I am really excited to capture more family moments and memories with them there. Let’s just keep our finger’s crossed that October gives us the same evening light to play in. Congratulations to you both, cannot wait to see you again soon!