Andrew + Kara

One of my favorite things about Andrew + Kara is that they openly refer to themselves as nerds. But seriously, they are the coolest nerds you will ever encounter, not to mention the most beautiful. They had their first date at Pinball Pete’s, where we met for the engagement session in Ann Arbor, Michigan. After playing a few games that Kara definitely won, we ventured out into the streets to explore. 

At one point during the session Kara asked, “Can I just go at him?” Like they couldn’t take the physical separation I was instructing during the session and she just needed to be closer, they molded together perfectly, despite their 12 inch height difference. Their wedding this fall is being held at a castle in northern Michigan (I know, a CASTLE.) With little touches of Lord of the Rings   details. My homework is to brush up on the series so that I don’t miss any of the hints. Super pumped to be a part of the festivities, and grateful that these guys thought I was cool enough to join!