Danielle + Diana

Danielle + Diana wanted to wait to announce to their family and friends that they had eloped until we had the images and blog post ready to share. So this wedding was a bit on rush delivery but it was totally worth it. This June we are all heading down to Mexico for the full celebration, but because getting legally married in another country can get complicated, these ladies decided to have a small ceremony at The Inn on Ferry Street in Detroit, Michigan. 

I have quite a background with Danielle + Diana’s love story. Danielle and I went to grad school together so I can remember when they first started spending time together again. They had been friends for a long time, and had actually made a pact that if they both weren’t married by the time they were 60, that they would marry each other. Danielle started bringing Diana to our after class hang outs and Diana just became one of the cohort. I mean, really, she should have received her own MBA because she was so supportive to Danielle during the program. Reading all of the case studies out loud for Danielle and proofing her papers. These women are true partners. A relationship that could survive those two years, will be able to overcome any challenge. 

So being invited to not only travel to Mexico for their destination wedding, but also this very intimate union was a true honor. They chose to exchange vows they had written themselves on a Monday morning. A close friend became ordained, and the couple’s niece and nephew played important roles as well. After the ceremony and signing of the marriage license we did a quick loop around the property for portraits and then everyone headed over to Hopcat for lunch. 

Congratulations Danielle + Diana, super pumped to do this all over again with you both in Rivera Mya!