Nick + Katie

Nick and Katie had crossed paths three times before they actually began dating. Once in middle school, again in college, and then again at work when they both moved back to Michigan for careers at an automotive company. When they finally did join forces, they discovered that they had quite a lot in common. Not only did they share similar professions, their parents did as well. They had identical family structures, interests, and here is the best part, they even have the exact same birthday. 

When I first met them, I watched them finish each other's thoughts and sweetly hold hands under the table. I remember Nick telling me at the engagement session that he was nervous, and then after that he couldn't believe how easy it was and how well the pictures turned out. It WAS in fact very easy, mostly because Nick and Katie have an undeniable connection and love for one another. 

Like the couple, their wedding day was overwhelmingly sweet and peaceful. The day went so smoothly that I caught myself reviewing details in my head, just to make sure I wasn't missing anything. The ceremony was held at the congregation that Katie grew up in, First United Methodist Church of Birmingham and the reception was held at Orchard Lake Country Club in Orchard Lake, MI where even the dressing room entirely fit the weddings pink and pastel theme. Congratulations Nick and Katie, thank you for sharing this very beautiful day with me. 

Meghan KindsvaterComment