Brugeman Family at Home.

I always think it is interesting to explain what a "Lifestyle" session is to potential clients. Really, I just want to photograph you being you. Doing things that you do everyday, the real moments, the ones that don't always get documented or shared. The messes and the sicknesses, the giggles and the tantrums, I want it all. 

For Josh, Valerie and Mira, we had the perfect day. Valerie and I had communicated earlier that day about rescheduling because Mira had been running a fever and needed to nap. Everyone needed to nap. Even I could have used a nap, but when I walked into the house that afternoon there was a carry out pizza on the table and everyone was rushing around getting ready. The real stuff. How the typical days pan out. We aren't ever wrinkle free and organized, it's more of a beautiful chaos. And that is the very best definition I have for shooting sessions like this. Thank you to the Brugeman family for inviting me into your home to capture these very important memories. 

Meghan KindsvaterComment