Matt & Faith

There is a reoccurring theme in this blog post, and that is that these guys are constantly cracking up. One of my favorite parts was when Matt and Faith did a sort of first look where they took a couple of minutes before they were fully ready to exchange gifts and give some X's & O's. They embrace and Faith says "You need to shower." Golf was a bit warm that morning apparently. 

As Faith was getting ready for the day she keep bursting into the happiest tears and repeating "I just love him so much," "I can't wait to see him everyday," "Everything is perfect." And it absolutely was a perfect day. Surrounded by friends and family the couple tied the knot and celebrated at The Inn at St. Johns in Plymouth, MI. The bridal party, centerpieces, and cake were all decorated in pink. Everyone, and I mean everyone danced the night away. Congratulations Matt & Faith! 

Meghan KindsvaterComment