The Oddest

My friend Edgar contacted me a couple of months ago about shooting for his clothing line, The Oddest out of Grand Rapids, MI. I of course obliged because I am always excited to try something new, and I really REALLY wanted to incorporate smoke bombs into something. I hadn’t quite convinced a bride of that just yet, so thankfully Edgar was for it. I will say, after hanging out in Detroit, Grand Rapids is a crazy strict city. I thought for sure the fire department was coming for us after the police were called for skateboarding and we were busted by a security guard for climbing walls. But we all made it out alive and not arrested. 

Edgar and I actually went to college together, a business school at that. As most of you know, I just quit my full time job in the spring to focus on MeliaBelle 100%. I was super pumped when I learned that Edgar also recently left his career in insurance to put all of his effort into The Oddest. It is always exciting to see your friends succeed, especially succeed at following their dreams. If you would have seen us yuppies eight years ago you would have never guessed we would be getting artsy last week collaborating our hipster businesses. So good. 

Congratulations to Edgar, may you never have to work another day in your life. You can find this summer collection for The Oddest at

And here we are, Northwood to Entrepreneurs, that was the goal right? Pictured from left to right, Edgar Hernandez, Myself, and Robert Tabet who so graciously loaned us his and his girlfriend Sam's beautiful faces. Pleasure working with you all.