Kate + Remesh

Kate and Remesh were guests at a wedding that I shot earlier in the spring. We just so happened to be seated at the same table with them. Kate looked at me and said “I want you to shoot my wedding, you’re hot, and I feel like you don’t see young hot wedding photographers EVER.” Which I know to be not true, because I admire and work with many photog babes in metro Detroit, however, the fact that Kate didn’t know this worked very well in my favor because just a few weeks later she booked with ME.

Kate and Remesh are the sort of couple that you want to be around all of the time. The love in their hearts could not fit in the largest ocean and on top of that they know how to throw a party and have too much fun. You can feel the connection between them even when they are not in the same room. As a part of the bridal/vendor party, it became very obvious that these are generous, giving, and genuine people.  

Their Sunday wedding was held at Colony Club in Detroit, MI. The room was decked in gorgeous elegant gold accents, the bridal party draped in vintage glam. To match the vintage hollywood theme, the couple even took a cruise in a 67’ Cadillac through the city. Despite the insanely beautiful details the best part of the day was having family together for the first time in years traveling from across the globe. Congratulations Kate & Remesh, you are both stunning, thank you for inviting us into your perfect day.