O'Hara Family at Home

I remember the moment I knew Michelle was pregnant. We were at a dinner with group of high school friends and I overheard her ask our friend, Stacey how she knew she was pregnant before really knowing. I think she caught me eavesdropping, and whether or not she actually knew that there was for sure a baby in her belly, by the look on her face, I was quite positive. 

You really realize how quickly time is passing when you watch people create and grow human beings. From finding out that Michelle was pregnant, to just a few weeks ago watch Henry attempt to tie his own shoes and throw a John Deere in reverse like nobody's business feels like a blink of an eye. I continue to feel more and more inspired by these at home family sessions where we capture what is raw and real. It is easy to document and store traditional portraits where you remember your children smiling and posing for the camera. What I want you to remember are the silly faces, the way your new house looked when you moved in just four months ago, learning to tie their own shoes, the energy, the running, how hard it was to get him dressed in the morning, the bond between boy and dog, the laughter, ESPECIALLY the laughter.

Thank you Jon, Michelle + Henry for continuing to invite me in to document all of these memories. I look forward to continuing to watch your family grow. 

Meghan Kindsvater1 Comment