Karl & Kamila

Karl and Kamila are both from polish decent, so their full on polish wedding was a first for me. Like literally, everything in polish. The ceremony was my favorite part, because my assistant and I had utterly no idea what was being said, or what was happening. We were sprinting all over the beautiful historic church trying to get all the shots in!

Not only was the ceremony absolutely gorgeous, but the bridal party was a blast. By the end of formals, I am not sure that all of them would have been able to form full sentences, but they had so much fun and we had fun with them. Karl and Kamila's love for each other was evident throughout the entire day, from their letters to one another to watching them dance together at the end of the night. Congratulations to you both and thank you for letting me share in your very perfect wedding day.  

Meghan KindsvaterComment